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Lacquer Finishing

With attention to detail and high-quality products, we work skilfully in order to provide you with perfect lacquer finishing. With our many years of experience in carrying out this service, you can rest assured we will provide you with outstanding workmanship. Contact our helpful and knowledgeable team today if you would like any additional information or to make any further enquiries.

What Is a Lacquer?

Lacquer is a quick-drying finish that you can layer on furniture to create a smooth and durable finish. ‘Lac’ is derived from the Portuguese name for lac insects, ‘Kerria Lacca’. Manufacturers use the insect’s secretions in lacquer production. A contemporary product, it seals better than certain varnishes, is durable, and fairly resistant to the impact of UV rays. Nowadays, lacquers tend to be the go-to option over varnish for a more superior result.

What Are The Benefits Of Using This Finish On Your Furniture?

Just a few of the benefits of using this finish on your furniture include:

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If you would like to arrange lacquer finishing in Birmingham or nearby, including Sutton Coldfield, Walsall, or Solihull, give us a call today.

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