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Celebrating 40 years in the buisness

Furniture Repair and Restoration

With our four decades of experience in furniture repair and restoration in Birmingham, we are a clear choice for your item. We fix and restore modern, traditional and antique furniture with finesse, and attention to detail to return items to their former glory. Do you have an item or work surface that needs a durable, contemporary finish, or want to breathe new life into a kitchen by refinishing fronts and drawers? Our team can restore your prized pieces for a low price, and offer superior solutions. We give items a smooth matt finish in various colours and lacquers for a hard-wearing and attractive coating. If you no longer wish to see scratches, ring marks or other damage on your item, we have the skills and experience to remove it.

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Reviving Your Treasured Furniture

Whether you have a sideboard, bed, chair, cabinet, door or table that you would like to restore, we offer efficient, impeccable solutions. Our services include:

What Items Can We Restore and Finish?

Furniture and items that we can restore include:

Comprehensive and Competitively Priced Furniture Restoration

We source top quality materials and make use of professional repair methods to ensure exceptional results, all offered at competitive prices. From accidental damage and dents caused by moving items, to marks and burns caused by candles, we can get rid of unsightly defects and get your piece looking as good as new.

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